The Role of Effective Communication in Improving Managerial Performance

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THE ROLE OF EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION IN IMPROVING MANAGERIAL PERFORMANCE (A CASE STUDY OF IMO STATE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION AGENCY ISEPA) ABSTRACT The role of effective communication in improving managerial performance. Management and communication are inseparable, it is the pivot in which activities of the various department relates to enhance industrial, growth, productivity and harmony in Imo State environmental protection agency Isepa Owerri. This research work computerized of five chapters. Chapter one is the introduction to the research work and it reveals the background of the study. The purpose of this study is to find out the role play by…show more content…
Management is some organization seems incapable of communication effectiveness and successful with the work done. Subordinate do not comprehend what they are told by superiors and the administrator does not hear clearly through what the subordinates are trying to tell him, when such situation arises productivity will fall drastically. Therefore managers should be greatly concerned with information system and how they are working. According to Onuha (1991:89) daily contract between subordinates and superior is the most important and suddenly used method of communication. The need together free flow of mess age through open channels of communication on with in a firm is essential for the smooth running of the organizational machinery. The success of any organization depends on the caliber of its administrative managers. Where a manager’s communication is poor, coordination is poor since coordination implies that people are manager has to interpret information generated by his subordinates and pass such information either upwards or horizontal to his superior and peer respectively. In this way, the improves
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