Essay about The Role of Fashion Promotion Within the Fashion Industry

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The Role of Fashion Promotion Within the Fashion Industry

I am going to write about what the role of fashion promotion is within the fashion industry and discuss how it might develop in the next five years. To do this I shall review what fashion promotion is by defining it and finding out how, when and where it started. To understand what fashion promotion really is in a contemporary context I shall broadly look at how it is used and what many forms it has taken since the beginning up until the present day.

To look at how fashion promotion may develop in the next five years I shall analyse and critique specific examples in more detail, such as finding out how these specific types of fashion promotions are used, by whom and for what
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Before this, soirees took place in stores; chairs would be put out & people would come and watch the shows inside the shop; this still happens today for instance Topshop will put on a catwalk of their latest collection inside their flagship store on Oxford Street.

However contemporary fashion shows are as much about being seen at the event as they are about what is being shown on the catwalk. The audience wants to feel important and exclusive and the front row seats show status. There is also more press coverage now about the clothes themselves, which is the reason why designers make extreme and un-wearable clothes. "Current fashion participates in an economic system that is developing very differently from its nineteenth-century origins, which pioneered the techniques of retail and advertising to promote the garment. Now the fashioned garment circulates in a contemporary economy as part of a network of signs, of which the actual garment is but one." (Bruzzi S. & Church Gibson P. (eds). 2000. P.96)

We need to understand the fashion industry's cyclical nature in each historical period and its technical development to see how fashion promotion has developed into the forms existing today. Changes in women's influence and power, money supply, changing tastes and interests in sports, shapes, and ongoing cultural issues and events such as terrorism and
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