The Role of the Department of Homeland Security

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The Role of the Department of Homeland Security Objective The objective of this study is to clearly and specifically address the principles, goals, and missions of DHS and FBI. Introduction One of the primary roles of the Department of Homeland Security is intelligence and threat analysis and the protection of the country's critical infrastructure. The Department is reported to fuse and analyze intelligence and other information relating to homeland security threats and multiple resources are used in this endeavor including the CIA, NSA, FBI, INS, DEA, DOE, Customs and DOT and data gleaned from other organizations. (Office of Homeland Security, 2002) I. Critical Mission Areas The Critical Mission Areas for the Department of Homeland Security is inclusive of the following stated areas: (1) Intelligence and Warning; (2) Border and Transportation Security; (3) Domestic Counterterrorism; (4) Protection of Critical Infrastructures and Key Assets; (5) Defending Against Catastrophic Threats; and (6) Emergency Preparedness and Response. (Office of Homeland Security, 2002) II. Strategic Objectives The Strategic Objectives stated by the Department of Homeland Security include the following strategic objectives: (1) Preventing terrorist attacks within the United States; (2) Reducing America's vulnerability to terrorism; and (3) Minimizing the damage and recover from attacks that do occur. (Office of Homeland Security, 2002) In the areas of Intelligence and
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