The Sales Market : The Total Boxed Chocolate Market

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INTRODUCTION The overall confectionery market remains robust and of significant size at £3.9 billion and it maintained a 2% growth in value over the past year, driven by price rather than volume. Thorntons’ focus within this is the total boxed chocolate market, which grew 3% over the past year to £748 million. In the UK Commercial channel, Thornton retained their position as one of the top three brands within the boxed chocolate market with an 11.5% market share (2013: 11.9%) and also remained a clear leader in their core inlaid boxed chocolate market, with a 34.5% share (2013: 35.2%). The total gifting market, at £39.4 billion, is more than ten times the size of the confectionery market and similarly grew at 2% over the past year. Thorntons is a British chocolate company established by Joseph William Thornton in 1911. Turnover in its annual report of 2014 was declared at £222.4 million with 260 stores and cafes across the UK and Ireland and 175 franchises. Thorntons has transformed into an international multi-channel fast moving consumer goods (“FMCG”) company with a strong UK multi-channel retail presence in 2011. Because of this reason, Thorntons has changed its strategy to reflect the continually evolving nature of shopper behaviour reflected in today’s multi-channel retail environment. Today’s companies find themselves operating in an environment that is changing faster than ever before. Therefore, organizations have to analyze these changes and modify themselves to

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