The San Diego Brain Injury Foundation

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The world we live and operate BusComm Enterprises in is becoming increasingly smaller as the development of technology allows us to be more in touch with what is happen on a global scale. This allows BusComm Enterprises an opportunity to increase our Corporate Social Responsibility by partnering with a local charitable organization that reaches beyond the boundaries that are drawn a map and helps those who are facing a humanitarian crisis. SAN DIEGO BRAIN INJURY FOUNDATION The San Diego Brain Injury Foundation (SDBIF) provides resources for brain injury survivors who live in the San Diego area. They provide several services including hospital outreach, a long-term residential care facility, a telephone helpline, and a newsletter to name a few. These services align with their mission of “improving the quality of life for brain injury survivors and their families.” THE ARMED SERVICES YMCA OF SAN DIEGO The Armed Services YMCA of San Diego is one of thirty-three branches where there are programs geared toward young military troops and their families. The services this branch offers include Wounded, Injured, and Ill Services for troops who are hospitalized or outpatients at the Naval Medical Center. Family and Youth Enrichment Services provide camps and after school activities for the family members of troops. Clinical Counseling Support is also offered to junior enlisted service members and their families. BRIEF ANALYSIS OF COMMUNITY HOUSINGWORKS Community
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