The Second Civil War: The Winner Determined

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The Second Civil War: The Winner Determined Discrimination and acceptance is apparent before, as it is in the present. Before, African Americans were given “freedom” that wasn’t entirely free. Today, African Americans are fully free, however, they still receive some discrimination and unfair judgment. After the Civil War, African Americans finally received their so-called, “freedom,” and a time of rebuilding and readmitting began. Both the whites and the African Americans had to adapt to these new changes. African Americans were able to receive food, jobs, education, and much more, yet not as fantastic as they hoped. Southerners wanted segregation, and applied a tiny amount of freedom rights for African Americans. The Southern Whites won the Second Civil War (Reconstruction), as they are still perceived to be above the African Americans, and extremely worked to keep no …show more content…

The whites tried to not include the other race for undeniable power. To begin with, Southern Whites were technically still above African Americans, placing restrictions, and manipulating African Americans to do the Southern Whites’ bidding. Through the black codes, living areas for African Americans were separated from whites, and were restricted. “No negro shall be allowed to come within...limits special permission from...employers...No negro shall be permitted to rent or within...limits public meetings of allowed within...limits of...mayor or president of...board of police” (Doc B). The African Americans were given set boundaries, as if they were still slaves, and were not able to have meetings without permission. They were forced into following these rules under the control of whites that still have

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