The Sequence Of Development Can Be Divided Into Five Aspects.

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The sequence of development can be divided into five aspects. Each sequence has a age bracket but you should always remember that children and young people develop at their own rate,the ages just provide a framework. Sequence of a childâ€TMs development 0 to 3months Social development: The child communicates its needs by crying and stops crying when their needs are met. Responds to smiles and relates to others by satisfying their own needs for food, drink, sleep and comfort. Physical development 0 to 3 months The child is growing fast so will sleep for a lot of the time, tries to gain head control by trying to lift the head, primitive reflexes such as sucking and grasping ( this diminishes as hand and eye coordination develop) , can hold …show more content…

Their intellectual development includes recognises certain sounds and objects , continues to enjoy water play in bath, continues to be egocentric,shows interest in surroundings, enjoys peek a boo games Communication and language development at 3-9 months continues to develop smiling , recognises family names, starts to look at books, tries to join in games by imitating sounds, babbles using single syllables for example †̃maaâ€TM and then from approximately 7 months uses two syllable sounds such as †̃maamaâ€TM. The emotional sequence at this age would be that a strong attachment to theparent/carer , developing attachments with familiar people, does not like anger in others and will become distressed themselves, developed what they like and donâ€TMt like and shoes strong emotions through gestures. At 9 to 18 months old the social development still makes them egocentric , thinking all toys belong to them, aggressive to other children but not meaning it, can use some words to communicate and if they feel like it respond to instructions. During this Physical sequence the child is becoming more mobile by crawling, bottom shuffling, cruising and walking so safety measures need to be in place at home eg. Cushioned corners, stair gates, security on cupboards and drawers. Starts to hold cup and tries to feed themselves, throws items intentionally and

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