The Severity of Sleep Deprivation Essay

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Sleep deprivation is a common issue among people around the world, and everyone has or will experience it in their life. Not getting enough sleep makes it difficult for the body to function properly. Insomnia is a well-known disorder, mainly known in the United States; one in ten adults suffers from this disorder (Kloc). There are many reasons why people end up with a sleeping disorder, and the most common reason is stress. When people do not have enough sleep they behave differently, and do not make the same choices as if they were fully rested. There are four stages of sleep. The fourth stage, REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep is the most important stage of sleeping. A common side effect of BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) is sleep …show more content…

What do dreams mean? Where do they come from? There are many theories in the world about dreams, and what they mean, but it all depends on the person. Many people with BPD have vivid nightmares, causing them to lose more sleep and even develop a fear of sleeping. In 1913, Frederik Van Eeden published a book titled, “A Study of Dreams” (Turner). He went into detail about lucid dreams, and how it improves a person’s sleep. He named the deepest stage of sleep one could experience “lucid dreaming.” He defined it as, “the reintegration of the psychic functions is so complete that the sleeper remembers day-life and his own condition, reaches a state of perfect awareness, and is able to direct his attention, and to attempt different acts of free volition” (Turner). People can become fully aware that they are dreaming, and are in control, the mind relaxes completely, making it the deepest most desirable stage of sleep. It was not discovered and confirmed until 2009, by a German study conducted at the Neurological Laboratory in Frankfurt, that brain activity significantly increased during lucid dreams (Turner). This time is extremely important for people’s mental health. Sleeping is necessary for life and mental well-ness, but there are laws pertaining to where people can and cannot sleep. In Tampa, people (targeting homeless people), are not able to sleep in public, otherwise they will be thrown in jail. In the Tampa area, it “had the highest

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