The Side Effects Of Food Additives On Frozen Food

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Case 1
When good results are bad results

Professor Ballistico is developing a research that is looking for the side effects of food additives in frozen food; the project itself is producing good publications. He is also a director of Foodcorp Centre for Food Science at BigCity University. Foodcorp also gave fund to the Bigcity University to set up the research about frozen food. Professor Ballistico recently founded out that the results from two of products “Longlife and Rotnever”, may cause significantly human allergies of the addictive’s.

Ethical Issues:
• Publish the right results of the experiment and be honestly about the human allergies, because the consumers have the right to know about the products they are buying and also can affect the sponsored to the University.
• Tell about the results he found to Foodcorp in privately, so they can find out a way to advise the public about the problem and prevent loss.
• Tell the university about the results, so them can make a decision to publish to results or not.
• Tell his employees about the whole situation.

How he can prevent the problems in the future?
Advice the stakeholders about the problem, so he can avoid the problem in the future and all of them together take an action about the problem and deal with it, creating a common sense that suits all, stakeholders, professor Ballistico and customers. I believe that the researches should be done about the problem and try to solve it. In case they don’t announce the…
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