The Standards And School Law

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Standards and School Law
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1. Standards and how the law is related to requiring teachers to use Content Standards to set clear objectives. You would probably want to include at least comments on NCLB legislation. Standards can also refer to effective teaching standards such as National Board Teaching Standards. How do both types of support student learning? There are several standards that have been set in the education sector with the aim of ensuring that sustainable education in the society is achieved. Institutions, agencies, and laws have also been put across with the aim of ensuring that the education system is well supported. Teachers have a legal responsibility to ensure that learners have …show more content…

These boards have played a major role in ensuring that Standards are maintained in the education systems and that transparency and accountability is enhanced. The impact of these boards and legislations has been felt far and wide and they continue to be embraced. These boards have played a major role in ensuring that students are given an equal opportunity to further their education with the help of qualified professionals.
2. Disability Law is predominantly associated with special education programs and students. What do you know about IDEA? Discrimination on the basis of disability has spread far and wide including in institutions of learning. For a long time, persons with disability were discriminated against and were considered to have several inabilities. Individuals with disability are everywhere including in institutions of learning. Several measures have been taken to protect persons with disability. The IDEA act has played a major role in protecting the rights of the children with disability by putting in place measures to help these children. This act has also defined various disabilities among children and ways in which these children can find help. Some of these disabilities include learning disabilities among children, autism and hearing disabilities among others. The human rights act has also played a major role in protecting children with

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