The Story Tellers Of Business. Every Successful Business

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The Story Tellers of Business Every successful business has a well-known story. Apple–a story of innovation. Nike–a story of grit and determination. These stories give their businesses a personal touch and allow their businesses to develop connections with potential customers. These stories are not self-written. In fact, behind the scenes of any major business is a team of storytellers who are responsible for creating and conveying their organization’s story to the public. These storytellers are also known as public relations specialists. Public relations is the strategic communication process that fosters positive connections between organizations and their consumers. Like an author uses their story to captivate readers, public relations …show more content…

Rather than relying on traditional media to promote their brand to the public, businesses can now constantly inject their brand in the public themselves by using social media. In order to do so, public relations specialists now must maintain social media pages, monitor and respond to questions and complaints on social media, and keep up with social media trends to ensure they are remaining relevant. According to Adam Levelle, a chief strategic officer at Hearst, the onset of social media has made public relations “more about facilitating the ongoing conversation [about a company] in an always-on world” (Elliot). The impact of social media on public relations can be seen by the research done at Boston University, which indicates that 64 percent of public relations departments are now responsible for the social media usage of their companies (Wright and Hinson 12). Those who succeed in public relations must be “a good writer and effective communicator” (Princeton Review). Popular majors for aspiring public relations specialists include English, communication, journalism and public relations. While a bachelor’s degree is required for most public relations positions, working in the field requires certain skills that will only come with experience outside the classroom. Consequently, a relevant internship is important for all undergraduates pursuing a career in

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