The Strategic Plan For A Company Essay

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The strategic plan for this project entails improving the HCAHPS score for three of the eight quality measures involving provider communication, pain management, and patient understanding of post discharge care and treatment information. Stakeholders connected to these measures include: 1) Organizational leaders – Board of Trustees, Executive Director, and Finance Officer; 2) Providers – physicians and physician extenders; 3) Nursing leadership; 4) Nursing Associates; 5) Ancillary support staff – pharmacy and physical therapy; and 6) Patients/Families/Caregivers. Each stakeholder group plays a role in contributing to the success of the strategic plan. Outlined in this table are some of the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder group with respect to the strategic plan.
The hospital is governed by a Board of Trustees that is responsible for the oversight of all organizational operations. Executive Directors [“CEO”] are hired by hospital boards to act on their behalf in managing operations and providing organizational leadership. One of the oversight responsibilities of the Board of Trustees and the CEO involves the provision of quality healthcare services. The hospital is responsible for collecting many quality metrics and reporting the data to internal committees, regulatory agencies, and to some third party payers. This provides the governing board with information to evaluate the organization’s success in meeting quality performance. Although the hospital

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