The Strategy And Priorities Of The Product Service

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1. SUMMARY The base line of this case study is to identify a service along with three different providers of that service and compare the different competitive priorities and operating strategies such as cost, quality, time, flexibility, product range… etc. for these three different service providers with the help of “COMPETITIVE PRIORITIES BY KRAJEWSKI & RITZMAN” and “ORDER WINNING CRITERIA BY T. HILL” . Each and every corporate objectives and marketing strategies are taken into deliberation to comprehend how the services win orders in the market place, by taking source from the particular provider’s promotional information and reviews. Every service developers comes up with disparate new ideas to provide best service quality to the costumers. Some of the provider’s concentrate on wide range of the services and some on low cost and some of them concentrate on quality in the service, because every costumer will have different personalized priorities. In this study we are going to compare operations strategy and priorities of the product service that is being provided to the costumer. The below disquisition depends predominantly on the advancement information of the manufacturer and costumer reviews on the service. 2. SERVICES A service is an activity or series of activities of more or less intangible nature that normally, but not necessarily, take place in interactions between costumer and service providers or physical resources or system of the service providers which are

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