The Strengths Of Weaknesses

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We are all full of weakness and errors; let us mutually pardon each other our follies - it is the first law of nature. –Voltaire
We have been in so many situations, either you are a young or old man or woman, but it is always different. In this situation, we saw how we handle our lives. And when we handle those we always analyze it first and how our ability to solve the situation. Once we solved it we saw what our capabilities are; our strength that we admire and the weakness we snub because it’s just one of our flaw but is it?
I have many weaknesses and if I evaluate myself, I would think that I have more weakness than strength. But I think for me my biggest weakness is how I am very in control of my life that how once I thought this was a good trait came out to be the one that can break me. Very control in the sense that I do everything that people think is what I was born for to be a perfect little girl. Very control on what I am doing, that
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I’m just 16 but how can I feel something like an adult in their mid-life crisis and to think about it I have a better life than others. I pretend to be fine like if I go to school my fake smile will be plastered and just go with the flow, but if I am alone I just think I’m nothing. One day, I came upon this movie “I Am Sam” where a man with a developmental disability named Sam, who has a daughter, Lucy, where she is fighting custody and never gives up to be the best father in the world and happy even with his daughter. I always cry when I watch that movie, however, thankful that I saw that because it moved me that even if something goes wrong, there will always be a way to solve it no matter it is easy or difficult just give all. Sam has more problems than I do and he has a disability, but he doesn’t belittle himself and put effort to show people that he is not what you think he is. That’s what lead me to heal

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