The Stress Level Among Employees

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rest of the group. Employees who are silent about important issues may also experience psychological stress. (Robbins, S and Judge, T, 2014). Below chart shows some other major causes of stress when working in groups in an organization. Fig 6 - Working with Others Is Often Irritating. (Robbins, S and Judge, T, 2014). At any stage, if the managers and team members disagree about perceptions of organizational support, stress level among employees increases. The employees are unsure about how to proceed with the task in hand, if they don’t know what management is expected of the task or what management see as the project output. This scenario combined with increased job demand causes employees to stress out more as there is no clear guidance on how proceed here. Organizational culture with less support and encouragement for innovations, motivation and which supports risk taking causes employees to take less interest in those innovative projects. If the task expects improved quality while not equipping employees with any additional tools to improve delivery efforts also cause the stress levels to be impacted. In an organization culture where employees are expected to finish tasks very quickly and more efficiently than in the past cause employees to stress more as new projects are assigned to them from time to time. This comes under how the aggressiveness and outcome orientations factors are perceived. Also, some organizational culture it is expected that employees work
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