The Summative And Formative Models Of Evaluation And Their Organizational Convenient Application

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The purpose of this paper is to discuss the summative and formative models of evaluation and their organizational convenient application. Reference from mission statement program descriptions from the previous module assignment would be utilized as an example in this paper. The paper will furnish the research based description of the purposes, members of the audience, information types, and sources of the collection of data which suits summative and formative models of the program evaluation. The paper will also identify and take defense of the types of evaluative program that would align with and test the organizational performance as focused in module 2 assignment; organizational mission statement as well as the descriptive program. Lastly, theoretical and process discussion involved to develop the strategically methodologies to implement this evaluation. In education instructor, teachers can integrate formative model to assess students; this sort of evaluation is categorized in the range of formal and informal type of assessment procedures that is implemented during the instructional processing. Formative assessment model can also be used in organization while instructing employees during training or learning new strategies to develop skills for the next level of job performance. According to the model lecture formative evaluations explicate the mode of the program operation to improving ways of its functions (GCU, 2013). Formative assessment is…
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