The Suspended Student and Her Bike Taken by a Teacher

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### essay is part of essay 384247, content has foul language and is inappropriate###The art of getting things done thru' people. Planning, organizing, leading and controlling..."
And so she defined. Yawn...I am yawning again. And then she goes...
"Social unit in which 2 or many people interact to achieve a common goal on a set of goals..."
There she goes and a chalk landed straight to my head.
"You get on here and define management.
"Huh...What the hell???" I mumbled.
"What did you just say?"
"What the hell, miss"...Honestly I answered the question.
"Well, get the hell out of my class..."
And so I slowly took my bag and made my move out of the door.
"Fucking old chick...!" I turned and gave her a sloppy little look.
I went to the cafe and bought me a coffee, then walked straight to the park, under the tree I sat down. Parking lot...My eyes laid on the parking lot and I saw that shiny black Volkswagen. Ha-ha...That's a really great idea. There I go talking to myself again.
Slowly I walked to the parking lot and got out my bike's key from the pouch.
"Now...Let me teach you a lesson or two! This is the traditional definition of management. And then I wrote--- “I Red heart you Rina for Management..."
There...A line scratched on her machine. I know she's dying to ascertain out and punish me after this, for this. I don’t care if I have to pay for the scratch I made. Satisfied. Amused.

Counselling room the next 2 days.
She, a discipline teacher and me...

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