The Symbolism Of The Colosseum

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The Colosseum is known by many as the place where gladiator games were taken place, however the Colosseum is much more than that; it is a symbol of the complete transition that Rome underwent over the span of about 200 years. However, before the symbolism of the Colosseum can be explained it is important to understand what Rome was going through before and during the construction of the Colosseum. During the rule Nero Claudius Caesar, emperor of Rome beginning at 54 BCE, there was complete abuse of power which lead to a disconnect between the leader of Rome and the people of Rome (Ruth). An example of Nero’s misuse of power is when there was a Great Fire in Rome (64 CE) and instead of working to rebuild the empire of Rome, he built himself an extravagant palace known as the Golden House. The utter exploitation that Nero displayed lead to the beginning of an uprising, which caused him to take his own life (Ruth). After a struggle for someone to regain power Emperor Vespasian was the final victor, and it was him who commissioned the creation of the Colosseum from (
Emperor Vespasian declared that the Golden House that Nero built for himself was to be destroyed and turned into a new Amphitheater for all of the subjects of Rome to enjoy ( The Colosseum went under construction around 70 CE and was completed in 80 CE, and Vespasian’s son Titus was emperor when it was to open ( Upon the initial grand opening of the colosseum Titus declared

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