The Synthesis Of Henry Ford

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Synthesis Essay- Henry Ford
MSgt Ryan S. Harris
Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy
March 28, 2016
Instructor: Bradley E. Walters

Synthesis Essay- Henry Ford
8 When someone mentions the name Henry Ford, most people would think that he was just the owner of Ford Motor Company and that he made the model -T. Henry Ford accomplished much more than that as he was one of the greatest Visionary and Ethical leaders of the early 1900’s. The first half of this essay will explain how Henry Ford designed an everyday automobile for the everyday family through Team Dynamics and that he inspired his workforce to reach his goal by using Full Range Leadership. Then this essay will explain how he built a successful diverse workforce through Ethical Leadership and how he invented the first assembly line by using Critical Thinking. The last part of this essay I will tell you how Henry Ford’s accomplishments and leadership inspired me and how I am going to implement those traits I learned at my home unit.
Visionary Leader 13 In the early 1900’s Henry Ford showed the world that he was a Visionary Leader through the use of Team Dynamics and Full Range Leadership . He designed an automobile called the Model-T and he wanted it to be not just for the rich , but to be affordable to the average American family. He thought that most people were isolated and should be able to go out and explore the world around them. To do this, he developed a workforce team that could help him reach…

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