The Synthesis Of Henry Ford

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Synthesis Essay- Henry Ford MSgt Ryan S. Harris Senior Noncommissioned Officer Academy March 28, 2016 Instructor: Bradley E. Walters Synthesis Essay- Henry Ford 8 When someone mentions the name Henry Ford, most people would think that he was just the owner of Ford Motor Company and that he made the model -T. Henry Ford accomplished much more than that as he was one of the greatest Visionary and Ethical leaders of the early 1900’s. The first half of this essay will explain how Henry Ford designed an everyday automobile for the everyday family through Team Dynamics and that he inspired his workforce to reach his goal by using Full Range Leadership. Then this essay will explain how he built a successful diverse workforce through…show more content…
The Ford Motor Company was not the only auto manufacturer around and there was competition to keep his employees to remain with him . During those eight years of coming up with ways to produce an affordable automobile , Henry Ford also needed to take care of his people. One of the main reasons that Ford Motor Company did so well is because Henry Ford was a Transformational leader and used Full Range Leadership. He used Inspirational Motivation to inspire his employees to put forth the effort to achieve his ideas (BCEE, 2016b, p.11 ). In the early 1900’s , Henry Ford hired many Americans and many immigrants to make his company a well-oiled machine. He knew what motived them to work hard and that was money, healthcare and citizenship. Henry Ford provided these by building a health clinic right next to his automobile factory. For the immigrant employees , he aided them in learning English and opened up avenues for them to get their citizenships (Neil Schlager, 2001). He also knew the needs of his employees and used Individualized Consideration when he introduced the five dollar a day work concept (BCEE, 2016b, p.11). The other automobile companies were paying their employees an average of three dollars a day. Henry Ford was a pure example of a Visionary Leader because of the way he used Team Dynamics when he designed an automobile not just for the rich but for the

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