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    The truism "To teach is to touch a life forever" is one that all of us have heard, but very few can identify with.  Almost every student has had at least one teacher who he or she despises, or one who has left his or her positive impression upon the student.  In my case, it was Mrs. Rudra, my sixth-grade homeroom and English teacher.       Remember those first days of a new school year?  You don't know who your teacher is going to be, or which of your friends you'll get to have in that class?  It was just such a day for me.  Our school had a new teacher who had transferred from a military school.  Her husband had retired from the Army, and they had…show more content…
Joseph's class?  No.  Mrs. Samuel's class?  No.  With only three classes for sixth grade, I knew that my and twenty-three other girls' fate was sealed.  Twenty-four crestfallen girls made their way to Mrs. Rudra's room.      At the door waiting to greet us was the new terror of Bishop Cotton Girls School.  Like young ladies, or should I say young cadets, we filed in and took our seats.       "Good morning, Mrs. Rudra," we said in unison.       "Good morning, girls," she replied in a voice that was as smooth as silk.  Probably all that smoking gave her voice that quality, I thought.  I was particularly terrified.  As I have said earlier, my fifth-grade teacher had left a lot to be desired.  She never had time for students who were slow.  Not only was I slow, but I couldn't speak a sentence straight without getting tongue-tied.  My severe stuttering tried her patience.  And now, here I was in sixth grade with a teacher who was from military school.  How much worse could it get?       After taking attendance, she announced our first assignment.  We all had to write an essay about what we did over summer vacation.  Then, she proceeded to make clear her acceptable and unacceptable norms of behavior, and the consequences of any

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