The Teacher 's Job With Class Discussions And Group Work

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Humans are naturally inquisitive so it is the teacher’s job to embrace this trait and encourage a life-long love of learning. Students need to feel safe and respected in their environment in order to feel as though they can seek out knowledge. Teachers need to facilitate and provide their students with the knowledge they need as they attempt to find answers. The knowledge they learn should embrace past ideas as well as the new ideas of each generation. Along with this essential knowledge, students should be provided with essential skills and values that will benefit them in their adult life. If students are taught to seek knowledge, they will enter into their adult life with a desire to continue learning and growing while contributing to …show more content…

We don’t teach just to fill students with essential knowledge. Our must be to encourage enjoyment in learning so that they will continue to seek out knowledge for the rest of their lives. Students cannot be viewed as simply empty vessels that must be pumped full of information or they will continuously lose valuable knowledge because of disinterest. A life-long love of learning needs to be encouraged based on the naturally inquisitive nature of human kind. Students needs to feel safe and respected in order to seek out answers and gain knowledge from their educators.
Worldview & Philosophy of Life
This is what you believe about the world and life. This section should flow smoothly into and be consistent with your thoughts about the purpose of education.
How would you describe your view of life in general? What is ultimately real or true? What gives life purpose or meaning? (Metaphysics) Values (Axiology)? What do you most value? What ethical principles will guide you?
Philosophy of Schools & Learning
My philosophy of education begins with a foundation of respect. Respect is not simply given, it is earned. A teacher must be respectful of students at all times if they expect to be treated respectfully by their students. This is because students need to feel safe and encouraged in their learning environment if successful learning is to take place. Students need to feel comfortable voicing their

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