The Theory And Behavior Of The Natural World

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Each author arouses very different expectations for the reader by using three distinct metaphors to explain negotiation. Fells uses DNA as a metaphor to explain negotiation, Reardon uses a roller coaster, and Moore uses a relationship. Each metaphor provides a unique interpretation of negotiation that should make the concept easier for a reader to understand. To further explain the metaphors, I have described my initial reaction to each metaphor and described what each has added to my understanding of what negotiation is. To further explain what my interpretation of negotiation is, I have provided an explanation of my own metaphor for negotiation as a tree.

Fells uses DNA as a central metaphor for describing negotiation, which gives the expectation that negotiation is a science. Science is a “systematic study of the structure and behavior of the…natural world” (Google). The structure of a DNA strand is complex in itself, narrowing all of an individual’s genetic data down to a microscopic size. Each individual has completely different DNA, although some are similar as when people are related. Negotiation has been systematically studied using rhetoric, a clear indication of this fact is the RCM 409 course itself. Fells has attempt to provide a formula or manual to preform effective negotiations systematically by studying how people naturally behave in negotiations. Negotiation is complex as it involves the participation of multiple parties; depends on the environment its

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