The Theory Of Conceptual Change Essay

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Conceptual change can occur during any time when beliefs are noted and influenced. Once students are aware of their conceptions, they can be influenced or dissatisfied with their own ideas, forcing conceptual conflicts. The recognizing of incompetence of a conception can open the beliefs of changing them. Posner et al. (1982) believed that if students ' current concepts are inappropriate to allow them to appreciate new concepts successfully students must replace their existing alternative concepts. Before the real concept change can occur, four main conditions must happen before. First dissatisfaction must occur with the current conceptions, second, new conception should be intelligible, third, condition is that new concept must appear plausible and lastly the new concept must appear fruitful. Conceptual change doesn’t occur with everyone’s beliefs and with some, the dissatisfaction may not be present.
What is this concept I recently discussed? It is the way you conceive things, the way you explain things, a core belief and assumptions you make about the way things are or should be. What is change? Change is an everyday occurrence. Change is everywhere around us and is due to the changing of our everyday world change doesn’t stop. Finally, what is concept change? Changing one 's conceptions by adding new knowledge to what is already known was developed into a model of learning and named as conceptual change by Posner, Strike, Hewson, and Gertzog (1982, as cited Hewson,
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