The Theory Of Human Life Development Essay

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Throughout chapter one, I have been given a general scope of understanding on how there are multidisciplinary aspects of development that encompass and influence someone’s life, whether it be biological, socioemotional or cognitive. We have many concepts of gauging an individual’s age including psychological, biological, social and most commonly used or expressed, chronological. These concepts together, including social, economic, cultural and chronological similarities and differences, make up our developmental timeline, with everyone’s being unique. Theories on development to make sense of such complexity have been made including Freud’s psychosexual stages, Erikson’s psychosocial stages, ecological theory, ethological theory and one that attempts to incorporate or use them all, the eclectic theory. With many methods of collecting data and time span research we can identify patterns and offer solutions to man problems. However, there will always be the issue with sorting through and eliminating bias research and irrelevant, misguided and misleading information. Human life development is an interesting field to study, with the enormous amount of information to incorporate into theories, problems, hypothesis’s and potential solutions. Where does one begin and with what purpose or pursuit? I have always enjoyed simplified theories such as Erik Erikson’s, that attempt to explain something that we humans have encountered millions of times over, unless you are a young earth

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