The Theory Of Leadership And Management

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This semester we have taken a greater look at the styles and understanding of leadership theories. Through our class readings, I have discovered the good and bad of leadership and management along with a clear understanding of the relationship between leaders and their followers. One thing that I found very interesting was the breakdown of the different types of followers and although I thought I had pretty good leadership skills I have gained a lot of knowledge to enhance my ability to lead.
As our final paper, we have been asked to select a book on leadership and connect the learning of the class with the research from the book. I have chosen to do my paper on the book The One Minute Manage on first sight because of the name alone. In
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The book covers the quest of a young man seeking to find the perfect effective manager and is written in a story form of a journey of this young man. After many years of searching, he runs into a gentleman who teaches him about self-management and team management. The book is based on three basic principles which I have found myself already trying to figure out how to incorporate them into my leadership and management style.
The three principles are one minute goals, one minute praising and one minute reprimands .(Blanchard & Johnson, 1983) The authors believe that these three principles will help simplify life, increase productivity, reduce stress and help the reader find peace of mind. One minute goals, one minute praising and one minute reprimands are proving that if used effectively can help to increase one 's success in life and each of the three principles play an important role in the success of a One Minute Manager. The authors feel that most businesses today do not produce quality or quantity work "as much of the reason for this poor business performance is simply because the people are managed so poorly."(pg. 83) Blanchard and Johnson believe that one minute goals are important in having a clear understanding of the duties and task. Each goal should be 250 words or less and written on separate pages. By setting clear and specific goals it allows the manager and the employee to know specifically what the goal is, where they are headed, and then there is a
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