The Theory Of Natural Selection

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What does it mean to be human? Is humanity defined by our biology or our morality? Some combination of the two? Or, is it merely the ability to ask this very question, or ones exceedingly similar in form? Darwin’s The Descent of Man attempts to provide a foundational understanding to how we all got to where we are, and what our origins might say about our present. In particular, the way in which evolution is applied to various species, natural selection, is said to dictate which members of a certain species survive according to their proclivities determined by genetics. A natural question to arise from the assertions of the theory of natural selection is how this applies to humans now. It’s not as if one could kill their boss in order to …show more content…

By most basic classifications, a human, but through a popular lens of the play, a psychopath. As Darwin’s theory claims to illuminate, both micro and macroscopically, humanity, then I wonder how Hedda Gabler might be explored under the guise of evolution?
Psychopathy is defined by Psychology Today:

“to refer to a more serious disorder, linked to genetic traits, producing more dangerous individuals.” (Psychology Today)

Some use the term to include environmental circumstances as contributing to psychopathy, but generally, psychopaths are said to be differentiated from sociopaths by their ability to function within society. Psychopaths are grouped together by a determined set of identifiers including, but not limited to, a lack of empathy, irresponsibility, “shallow emotions”, being insincere, charisma, a “failure to follow any life plan”, and most distinctively, a tendency toward violence and selfishness. Often bored, they are pathological liars that thrive on drama, or anything to supplement their stimulation, frequently including being sexually promiscuous. When examining the immediate connotations of this list of symptoms, it is clear that psychopaths are those who might be most hated and feared in society. We compile visions of some of the most notorious, callous human beings from Ted Bundy to Adolph Hitler in our minds. However, it is widely accepted that around 1 in 25

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