The Theory X And Theory Y Essay

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The ability to predict the behavior of employees in an organization is a key element in encouraging and ensuring that employees to produce desired results. Some employees usually take great pride in their work and obtain satisfaction from performing their duties well. Such employees are innately motivated (Douglas McGregor: Theory X and Theory Y, 2015). Other employees are never proud of their work. They simply work because they believe that they cannot survive without their jobs. Such employees are externally motivated (they require an outside force to compel them to perform their duties) (Theory X and Theory Y: Understanding Team Member Motivation, 2016). These ideas about employee behavior and much more have been developed by social psychologist and management professionals, such as Douglas Mc Gregor, Abraham Maslow, and Herzberg, in the form of theories to help managers and employees predict each other’s behavior. This paper focuses on the Theory X and Theory Y, which were both developed by Douglas McGregor. It describes the theories and analyzes their effectiveness in predicting human behavior.
Theory X and Theory Y
Unlike other theories that usually focus on employees, Theory X and Theory Y focus on managers and the perceptions they have about their employees, which in turn influences their behavior towards their employees (Theory X and Theory Y: Understanding Team Member Motivation, 2016). Different managers have different perceptions about the things that motivate

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