The Top Competitors Of Drucker And Falk

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Zakch, M. H. (1999) says that always building on the latest knowledge, rather than "reinventing the wheel" gives competitors a chance to catch up. This is especially true when a firm is trying to get an advantage over the competition. Knowledge is certainly power, and the more knowledge that a firm has, the more they are able to bring to the table. Not only do the customers put more trust into them for the knowledge that they possess, but the confidence of the firm truly blossoms as well. Drucker and Falk is especially receptive to this belief. They use knowledge as a lead and an advantage over the heavily populated competition of property management companies in the surrounding areas. The top competitors of Drucker and Falk include…show more content…
This class places the marketing director or the property management coordinator right there face-to-face with the employee and they are able to pour all the knowledge that they possess onto the new employee in a bulk-form one or two day session. After the leasing class is over and complete, the new employee has further training to get acclimated to his or her new position. This includes a lot of online training in areas such as fair housing, sexual harassment, more leasing, etc. This is where Drucker and Falk excels over the competition. The training software that the company utilizes is top of the line software and includes nothing but the newest content available to the property management industry. They are very adamant about training deadlines as well. Each employee of Drucker and Falk has some type of training to have completed on a yearly and semi-annual basis. This ongoing training keeps all of the employees up-to-date with the most current information available in order to keep our skills and knowledge sharpened. One top of introductory training and ongoing training, Drucker and Falk invests in sending its employees to get their official certifications. This brings even more knowledge to the company. Most of the property managers employed with Drucker and Falk

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