Bus 210 Week 3 Knowledge Check

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Thanks for the response.

The improvement activities that you were doing before worked, as you began to reach 97% OTD. You’re efforts to refocus on those tasks now is very much appreciated. Below I have commented on each of your bullet points and remember my comments refer to all employees that enter orders not just CSR’s.

1. How are new employees being trained? I would expect ongoing conversations/meetings during their first 6 mos. related to OTD, CSR Follow ups, and other service expectations on a regular basis. The newbies need to understand their role in the success and growth of the company by providing excellence in customer service. Is this being done?
2. These reports need to be created weekly, the individuals involved need to be alerted to the fact that they succeeded or failed. I wouldn’t be opposed to posting/emailing a scorecard with names on it to create competition.
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When a customer orders material one of the first questions they should be asked is “when do you need it”. Once that’s understood then we can strive to use customer service follow ups to ensure the date is hit (obviously, there needs to be negotiation on the date up front if the customer is unrealistic). Everyone needs to be held accountable to this expectation and it’s not an option to enter the date incorrectly.
4. Effective management of follow-ups, managing shipping delays, and communicating updated information to the customer is key to our success. Part of this is renegotiating RDD’s with the customer if there are supplier delays, at this time the date in the system must be

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