The Transition Of The Vet

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Reflection 1 (Autobiographic) I have been involved with delivery within the VET sector for numerous years now and over that time I have seen many changes within the VET area and have also undergone many changes in my teaching role. When I first started teaching in the VET system, it was in an Advanced Diploma program with predominately adult learners who were looking for a career change. Being new to the competency based system and with little guidance, I needed to dig deep to gain an acceptable understanding as to how the VET grading system worked. I designed my classes and assessments around the subject content that I believed the students needed to know in order to accomplish a career within the field. Reflecting back across this period I might consider that this was the induction stage of my career (Lynn 2002) as I was seeking reassurance from my peers and work colleagues to gain confidence and knowledge in my teaching practices. This example could be linked to APST standards 1.2, 1.5 and 3.3 In later years I moved into the delivery of a similar subject area, but at a lower qualification level (Cert III) with school aged children, 15 to 17 year olds in a VET school based program as well as teaching a Cert III level within a work place/game studio environment for school age trainees. These environments were certainly different from my previous teaching roles. They presented new and interesting challenges. Some of the more challenging situations would be working with

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