The Treatment Of Juvenile Diabetes

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In 1980, there were zero cases of juvenile diabetes. However, because of unhealthy habits and nutrition in America, the cases of juvenile diabetes increased up to 57,636 in 2010. Over the past several decades, people have been establishing fast- food restaurants and processed foods. Instead of cooking meals at home, people have been going out to eat and buying foods that come in packages and cans, containing high in fats, sugars, carbohydrates, etc. Because of this, scientists and experts have been making treatments and gathering up research and ideas to help treat and cure type 1 diabetes (juvenile diabetes)- where the pancreas secretes little or no insulin- and type 2 diabetes- where the body do not respond to insulin (“Insulin Basics,” 2014). To know what treatments are available for diabetic people, the treatments should be known. This paper discuss the ways to treat diabetes to provide knowledge about it due to how common it is today.
One of the treatments for diabetes is the change in lifestyle, because it is important for a diabetic person to be able to cope with diabetes so that he or she can responsibly live well. According to the Mayo Clinic (2014), a glucagon kit should be kept close by “in case of a low blood sugar emergency,” (“Diabetes,” 2014) and all vaccinations should be up to date in case of high blood sugar. Also, because having too much glucose can damage the eyes, eye exams should be scheduled every year (“Diabetes,” 2014). It is important to change a
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