The Treatment Of The Vaginal Delivery

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through a catheter. Narcotics decrease the perception of pain for two to six hours but don’t eliminate pain (Smith, C., Collins, C., Cyna, A., & Crowther, C., 2006). Narcotics also have more side effects including sleepiness, nausea, and depressed breathing for mother and baby which can be dangerous. Whether a mother choses to use one of these pain medicines or partake in a natural birth is her decision and there are many advocates for either choice. It is important for expecting mothers to know their options. There are more birthing methods to discuss but the vaginal delivery method is mentioned here first because overall it seems to be the safest method. However, there are variations to vaginal delivery that will be touched on later. …show more content…

With the cesarean section it is typical to use regional anesthesia but in an emergency it may be necessary to use general anesthesia which means the mother won’t be able to see, feel, or hear. This method has become increasingly common over the last decade increasing by seven-fold with a rate of thirty-two percent in 2014 (Hamilton, B.E., Martin, J.A., Osterman, M.J.K., & Curtin, S.C., 2015). Typically, the cesarean section is used when there is a complication with the baby that would make vaginal delivery risky. This method can be advantageous because if there is a known complication the cesarean section can be planned ahead of time in order to avoid serious danger for both mother and child. One of the most common complications resulting in a cesarean section is stalled labor when the labor stops progressing because the cervix isn’t opening or the baby’s head is too big. When the baby isn’t getting enough oxygen or there is an issue with the umbilical cord the cesarean section can again be the result. Another type of complication is when the baby is in an abnormal position that makes vaginal delivery dangerous. The baby may be in a breech position where the feet or buttocks is positioned to go first through the birthing canal instead of the desired head first. Another way is the transverse position where the baby is turned shoulder or side first. The placenta can also cause issues for mother

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