The Trinity Kitchen : Visual And Multimodal Communication

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The Trinity Kitchen: Visual and multimodal communication in spaces of consumption (E.g. chain restaurants, shopping centres, corporate vs. independently owned retail, etc.)
The first impression is the most important is a common saying and also one of the more famous saying. This is because a first impression focuses on the visual impression that something, an object, person, place or thing create. This first impression is perhaps most important because once, a person has a visual, immediately they begin to assign meaning to what they see. It is important to be able to communicate your intended meaning by the first glance before an opinion or an impression is created which does not match your intention. ( Berger, 1977)
In this essay we will look at how a space communicates using multimodality which is essentially communicating through modes other than language. This essay will look at how, a space of consumption communicates using the Trinity Kitchen, a food court at the Trinity Mall in Leeds as an example. It will examine how it uses, décor, text, colour etc. to create the environment of street food indoors. ( Jewitt,2009) Like most malls all over the world, the Trinity Mall in Leeds too has a food café, which is essentially a space that is shared by multiple restaurants usually with a common or partially common seating area. What makes this particular food court an interesting one to look at, is the fact that it has a theme. Street Food. Keeping in this idea in mind,

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