The Type Of Self Help Group

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The type of self-help group that was attended was “Grief Share Group”, this group has been around for about 2-3 years now for those who have lost a loved one and are seeking help in order to try to deal with it. As for membership, the purpose of this group is to help those who are having trouble being able to move on with their lives day by day after losing someone who meant a lot to them, a loved one, close friend, or even the loss of someone they knew but were not close to also gets to someone. This group does not require any payments in order to become a member of the self-help group. No commitment is required nor is it mandatory for someone to attend every session if they no longer want to attend. Although it is recommended to do so but not mandatory or obligatory. Everyone is welcomed to attend Grief Share Group on their own terms, if and when they would like to do so or are ready to attend. Communication is how the members of the group communicated during the group session. For example, the way everyone communicated when the grief share group first began was that they were just asked to introduce themselves and tell everyone what it was they did over the summer. Nobody bombarded them with questions as to why they were attending the group, who was the loved one they had lost etc. Since it was the first time the group was starting, the people who run the group wanted everyone to feel comfortable. The people attending the group were told that they were not going to be
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