The Ultimate Goal Of Nursing Theory

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Theory is defined as “rules, procedures, and assumptions used to produce a result” (Iskandarani, Al Hammadi, & Al Gizani, 2012). Theories are the basic knowledge that a profession is built on and theory is the basis of the professions uniqueness (Iskandarani et al., 2012). Nursing theory is the scientific foundation of the nursing profession (). It is composed of ideas, principles, and knowledge unique to the nursing profession, which ultimately separates it from other professions (Bond et al., 2015). Legitimacy of a profession is determined by its ability to generate and apply theory (McCrae, 2011). Nursing, to be viewed as a profession, should include three essential elements of knowledge; nursing theory, nursing research, and nursing …show more content…

Nursing theory is the component that separates the nursing profession from other professions. Nursing theory is critical in improving and advancing patient care (Bond et al., 2015). In this ever-changing healthcare, it is essential for the nursing profession to be leaders and have input in all decision-making regarding patient care. Nursing theory identifies the nursing profession as unique from any other profession as well as supporting the nursing profession as the authority on patient care. Theories assist in not only guiding and advancing practice, but also provide guidelines for training, curricula, and research (McCrae, 2011). A concern regarding the use of theory within the nursing profession is if nursing theory incorporates the nursing metapardigms. The uniqueness of the nursing profession is that it is patient-centered rather than disease-centered. Nursing metaparadigms incorporate four essential concepts that guide patient-centered care. If nursing theory does not incorporate all the metaparadigms then it is not truly patient-centered. All the metaparadigms are interconnected and have an affect on the patient; exclusion of any in a theory prevents the theory from supporting nursing’s ultimate goal. It is essential as a profession when using nursing theory to guide practice as well as incorporating into research to advance or change practice that

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