The Unique Role of Human Resources in Health Care Facilities Essay example

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Human resource (HR) management is a system of activities and strategies that focus on

successfully managing employees at all levels of an organization to achieve organizational goals

(Niles, 3). The role of human resource management is that of a partnership between the human

resources department and management regardless of the organizational type. The human

resource and management partnership is unique in the healthcare industry because many

healthcare organizations have a dual administrative structure of clinical managers and health

services managers that supervise two distinct groups of employees with different responsibilities

and different training needs (Niles, 7).

Human resource management plays
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The HR department is responsible for collaboration with management to ensure that

the recruitment and selection process is systematic and fair in order to objectively and fairly

recruit and select potential employees. HR collaborates with management to retain the best

employees for the organization (Niles, 10).

HR is in the loop and can help both management and front line employees sort through

and address needed improvements. HR helps create strategies based on the organization’s core

values and mission, then makes certain all education and communication surrounding these

strategies is consistent and appropriate to each employee group. HR is vital when planning

quality and patient safety programs and initiatives because it will, ultimately, be responsible for

identifying thought leaders in the organization who can lead change, build new programming

with these thought leader’s expertise and ideas, then educate these thought leaders in the scope of

the new initiative, asking them to, in turn, educate those with whom they work. HR is expected

to help employees make the connection between initiatives and the work they do each day. The

forum participants stressed that HR is the ideal venue for anything involving a hospital’s culture

change, including the HR leadership, in driving understanding and internalization of the hospital

culture. HR’s
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