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Tutor Marked Assessment- Submission document 3RTO Resourcing Talent |Your Name |Marion Dobson | |HLC Student Number |708616925 | |Cohort/Group |January 2016 | |Your Tutor |Richard Kirby | |Date of Submission |17 May 2016…show more content…
| | |Includes an induction plan that identifies areas to be covered, timelines and those involved in the process. |1.3 | | | | |Activity 2 | | |Carry out the main stages of recruitment and selection activity for an identified role. |2.1,2.2 | |Brief: | | |You are a member of the Head Office human resources team for a national retail group and have been asked by one of | | |your larger store managers to recruit a Human Resources Officer for his store to work 3 days per week. Their |4.1 | |duties will include all staffing and training

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