The Use Of Distraction For Children Undergoing Medical Procedures Essay

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Throughout this essay, the author will define and look into many different aspects of research in relation to everyday nursing practice. A research topic of the use of distraction for children undergoing medical procedures will also be shown through different research processes.
Evidence based nursing practice
Schmidt and Brown (2012) defined evidence based practice as practice based on the best available practice, patient preferences and clinical judgement. Evidence based nursing is the collection, interpretation and use of research derived evidence to better patients care in the clinical setting (Nursing Research: Principle, Process and Issues, pp.447).It is very easy to see the significant changes that have transformed the nursing practice in recent years. It is no wonder, therefore, that evidence based nursing practice has been a central figure in professional practice (Rose and Glass, 2008). Hickman et al (2014) states that to have the best evidence based practice, a nurse must provide patients with the best, up to date evidence in contrast to care that is simply based on the traditional ways of nursing. However within evidence based research, Maloney et al (2016) found that it is extremely important to focus on knowledge based on the nurses own area of practice so that the best evidence based practice is given to their patients. Following the Briggs report in 1972, there has been more commitment within the health care profession to utilise evidence based
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