The Value Of A Consumer Oriented Business

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In practically every society of the world women are the principal caregivers for their family and extended families. They are in the central position of buying for themselves, husbands, partners, children, friends, relatives, elderly parents, colleagues and businesses to name just a few. When any purchase is required within the dominion of a caregiving, chances are a woman; finds it, buys it, wraps it, writes any required personal notes and then sends it off or delivers it to the appropriate recipient.

Knowing the above, what might this mean to you? If you’re a consumer-oriented business, it means that women are not only their own market, but they are also the key to multiple markets all at once. They’re the best sales opportunity to everyone that woman purchases for, in essence, everyone. And herein lies the single most important reason why stores gear their marketing, e.g. advertising, product selection, amenities, store layout, and decor, etc., towards women and not men. Subsequently, the community areas within shopping centers and malls are also designed for woman and commonly unfriendly in design and orientation toward men.

There can be no mystery why men are so often seen reading, staring, fidgeting or playing with their smartphones while sitting on the limited benches available outside the store their wife or partner is shopping in. There is, in fact, a reason for the limited availability of seats in the shopping centers communal areas and it is not for the benefit…
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