The Value of Human Resources for Companies Essay

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The strategic value of Human Resources is only gaining significantly and HRIS must support this trend to provide the high functionality and usability. Today, most of the companies make use of some form of HR system for many of the HR functions. With an HRIS, companies can align HR strategy with business objectives to get the most of out of their workforces and adapt quickly to market changes. A good vendor should share advice and best practices to help maximize a system. However, there may be times when you need a customization to meet unique needs. More complex customization may require assistance from either the vendor or your IT staff, because this impacts the total cost of ownership. It is essential and important to make an assessment on the vendors, when selecting an HRIS. It is essential to consider the vendor’s commitment to the HR industry, time in business, reputation and track record for providing quality systems and services, and evaluate the vendor’s experience with companies. Most vendors provide updates to their systems such as new releases and service packs. This paper deals with the HRIS type and the HRIS vendor choice I have made for the progress of the Castle Family Restaurant.
Most companies want core functionality such as employee information, compensation, workforce management, benefits administration, self-service and other HR functional areas. Companies hoping to use their HRIS more strategically will want advanced functionality such as…