The Vatican Museums Essay

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The Vatican Museums The Vatican museums originated in Rome in 1503 when Pope Julius II della Rovere took a statue of Apollo from his church of St. Peter in Chains, and placed it in the courtyard of the Belvedere Palace. In 1506, the Laocoon was added, and thus began what is now known as one of the greatest collections of artwork in the world[i]. The papal authority was one of the first to open their art collections to the public, thereby encouraging knowledge of art history and culture[ii]. The collections began with Pope Julius II; but, the museums as we now know them were begun under the patronage of Pope's Clement XIV (1769-1774) and Pius VI (1775-1799), which started the first curatorial section[iii]. The Vatican Museums are…show more content…
When Eturia ceased being part of the Pontificial state in 1870, no more additions were made to the museum unless by purchase, such as the Falcioni collection (1898), or by donation.? The museum includes objects from the ninth through first centuries BC, from the Iron Age up through the convergence of Etruscan cities to form the structure of the Roman state.? The Etruscan?s artistic civilization is documented by the gold, bronze, and ceramics in the Gregorian Etruscan Museum.? Another integral part of this museum is the large Greek vase collection that allows the visitor to trace the history of ancient painting through the masterpieces of ceramicists and potters[vii].? ?The Pinacoteca, or ?picture gallery?, is located in the nineteenth century Square Garden in a building that was erected specifically for Pope Pious XI.? The building was designed to provide the best lighting conditions for both the preservation of the artwork, and to emphasize the aesthetic quality of the painting. Prior to the completion of this new building, the collection of paintings was moved throughout the Apostolic Palaces, searching for a place that matched their importance.? The building was inaugurated relatively recently in October of 1932.? The Pinacoteca began
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