The Ventricles Of The Heart

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The ventricles of the heart connected so intimately to each other in driving the function of the whole heart were therefore thought to have very similar function. Moreover, the proteins of LV and RV originate from the same genes (Myl6 for ELC, MYH6 and MYH7 for HC, MYL2 for RLC, MYL3 for LC). Only, recent advances shed light on their dissimilarities at varying levels of genetic, proteomic 5, force studies etc 14, 24,38.
Much of the differences in the LV and RV are explicable from their different embryological origins and partly by the RV exposure to lower post-partum cumbrance 4,35. Previously, the myocardium was thought to originate from single source of myocardial progenitor cells, however, recent study’s recognition of two different …show more content…

Investigations performed at the gene level delineate differences in the mRNA and miRNA protein gene expressions between the two ventricles, with higher levels of expression concentrated in LV 11. Other reports suggest differences at the protein levels of the two ventricles wherein higher amounts of energy using proteins like ATP synthase and others like Heat Shock Protein (HSP), Myosin Binding Protein C (MBPC) and Myosin Light Chain 2 (MLC2) were noted in Left compared to the Right ventricles in healthy mice hearts 5, 24, 38.
The dichotomy of LV and RV are also expressed at their physiological levels. The LV and RV although, linked intimately, also show differences at their basic fiber structures. The RV consists of transverse fibers in its free wall with shared oblique fibers in its interventricular septum while the LV is encircled by oblique and circumferential fibers 51. It is known that the oblique septal fibers and circumferential LV fibers are more mechanically efficient than the transverse fibers of RV in an event of an afterload 1,50. Although, differences have been noted at many levels, differences at the functional levels remain yet elusive.
Heart Failure: The prevailing ignored subtle differences, in part or combination, may lead towards developing the two different forms of heart failures these ventricles undergo. While 5.1 million people in the USA have been diagnosed with heart failure so far, heart failure

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