The View From Saturday Essay

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Do you think that friendship and teamwork are related? Is Konigsburg implying that teams work more superior when they’re friends? In The View from Saturday, four intelligent individuals go off gaining new knowledge from their magnificent adventures, to later on using those resources to win the quiz bowl. Coincidence or not? The four kids, Noah, Nadia, Ethan, and Julian, or as they refer to themselves, The Souls, go through many hardships or complications, developing new relations towards each other, and having to go through personal mishaps. At the end of the book, The Souls had won the quiz bowl! But the question I’m pointing out is, did they win because of their partnerships, or had they won because of their intellects? In my personal …show more content…

I personally think teams work better with your friends compared to people you aren’t so close with. In the book, Mrs. Olinski had gone to the Sillington House to see why The Souls didn’t want to do an extra study session. When going there she saw Noah, Nadia, Ethan, and Julian enjoying their time with each other. Mrs. Olinski saw them as well manageable and functioning team. She knew she had to pick them, for not only their intelligence, but because of their partnership and strong bond. When Mrs. Olinski had a difficult time choosing the last member, who did she choose? Julian Singh. She was going to select Hamilton Knapp, but after realizing that he had written the word, crippled on the board, she automatically knew he was not fit for the position. She, instead, claimed Julian for the remaining position due to his strong bond with Noah, Nadia, and Ethan. In conclusion, I’m stating that working with your friends in teams will be manageable for you. Take it from me, in fourth grade I had to do a group project and my teacher had chose our teams for us. I had been in a team with one of my closest friends. When doing that project, it was difficult for me to cooperate with the group, but knowing that my friend was there, I was able to work at ease. To sum it all up, working with your friends is the best kind of team to work

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