The Wal-mart Company and the Possibility to Expand to the United Arab Emirates

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Introduction This project shed the light on Wal-Mart company and the possibility of it to expand and reach the United Arab Emirates. What are the effects ? Can the company succeed in UAE ? UAE is one of Gulf countries and major part of the world of trade and business. The country have unique attributes to Wal-Mart Company that includes religion, language and traditions. The country also have some economic as well as politic set of rules that might impact the success of Wal-Mart company. So what are the companies strategies and can they compete with bigger local countries like Lulu and Carefour centers. The answer is yes and that is due to the fame and reputation that the company has in most parts of the world. The project will focus on…show more content…
On the other hand, the north part is covered with gravel plains due to Hajar Mountains, the eastern part of the UAE is covered with fertile plains where the large amount of rainfall have allowed agriculture practices to exist. (Topography of UAE, 2010) Culture and Social Analysis • Language And Religion Furthermore, UAE is a very diverse country since the population does not mainly include a high percentage of locals, there are a high percentage of people who came from all over the world to reside or work in the country. However regarding language, Arabic is the official language of the United Arab of Emirates since it is the sacred language of Islam. Most of the signs around the country are written in Arabic and translated to English; it is also translated to Urdu in some areas but that depends on the proportions of people who practice the language in the area. For tourists, they can communicate with English in UAE very well due to the knowledge that people in the country have with the language. (Languages in the UAE, n.d.) Moreover, one of the most important things in UAE is religion which is Islam. It has been brought to the area by Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him, in the seventh century. It defines the people lifestyle, traditions, practices, believes and it impacts the political and business views. Although Islam is the official religion, the country have advocated the freedom of religion. About

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