The Way Address Equality And Diversity Towards Their Employees Within The Uk Music Industry

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The main aim of this research study is to consider opinions and the way address equality and diversity towards their employees within the UK music industry. This proposal suggests that this can be done by two means of methodological research; a literature review and also gathering data from qualitative and quantitative methods. Research will be particularly aimed at all of the most important factors surrounding equality, diversity and the manifestations of discrimination. The UK can be seen as an unequal industry to work in when we talk about inequalities and diversity in the music industry sector. The word diversity stands for the differences in each individual and how they are unique. Differences can be both visual and non visual such as, gender, religion, race, social class, age or mental health. The word equality has a meaning that each individual should be valued, accepted and treated equally regardless. ‘Imagine, for a minute, a workplace where everyone is the same. All of the workers are of the same ethnicity, gender, educational background, and socioeconomic standing. With a team of people essentially cut from the same cloth, where do the new ideas come from? How will the company ever be able to see things form a different point of view?’ (Research and Markets, 2010:2). Equality and diversity is important for both the individuals and the business. In the late 1960s the civil rights movement and equal pay campaign emerged the awareness of the modern evolution of

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