The Wing Safety Office At Xyz Afb

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Full Range Leadership Model Essay
An organization’s efficiency and effectiveness can be solely traced to its leader. When a team within in an organization is found to be at fault, it is a leader’s duty to turn it around. In this particular case, the Wing Safety Office at XYZ AFB needs to rebuild its team into a cohesive unit in order to successfully attack the safety issues distressing the base. Among other noted events, their highlighted failures lie within the high rate of off base traffic accidents in relation to service members and their families. By developing a clear strategy using three Full Range Leadership Model [FRLM] behaviors, this safety office can ultimately achieve purposeful unity. This paper will discuss the idea of using transformational and transactional leadership in order to fully understand and conquer this safety office’s meager performance. The safety office is currently comprised of four members: MSgt Newscomb, TSgt Tilley, SSgt Green and Mr. East. Each person contributes to the organization in a different and valuable way, which can be attributed to their personality/behaviors and position. Behaviors of the individuals can be categorized using the FRLM, which helps a leader 's approach to solving a organizational problem. Starting with MSgt Newscomb, his actions fall into the Laissez-Faire [LF] realm of the FRLM. According to Arenas, Connelly, and Williams (2014), a LF leader is often absent from work meetings/obligations and may

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