The World Of Mysteries And Wonders

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The TV flashed the commercial I had seen more times than I could count. Various scenes of a fantasy world flitted across the screen while a slightly overdramatic voiceover played up pretty much every trope imaginable.

“Imagine a world with infinite possibilities…”

A nomadic trading caravan traveled through a desert sandstorm with their wares packed on the backs of strange beasts.

“A world of unending adventures…”

A group of large, muscular people wearing leather and fur armors with rough looking weapons stood off against a very aggressive looking mammoth-like beast in the middle of a snow covered forest.

“A world of mysteries and wonders…”

A dwarven miner chipping away some rock in an underground cave, revealing a strange, glowing
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However, since most of my coworkers have similar interests we get along pretty well, and most of us were anticipating the release of SWO.

“Morning Nathan. Ready for what will probably be the longest Friday at the office in a while?”

As I walked into the office I was greeted by my coworker, Erik. He, like me, was clearly already mentally ready for the weekend and playing the game judging by the fact that the SWO website was up on his computer rather than any work. Luckily it was a holiday weekend, so the boss honestly wasn’t expecting much from us today. Additionally, a lot of us had put in a few extra vacation days as well to get as much playtime in as possible. I actually had all of the next week off, since I had a lot of vacation time banked up and rarely actually use any of it.

“Hey Erik, let’s grab some coffee and get this day over with.”

We chuckled and headed to the break room, mugs in hand. This was something like a morning ritual for us. We’d go get some coffee, chat for a bit, then get to work. Today the chatting inevitably ended up on SWO.

“So, you gonna go random, or design your character?”

“I’ll most likely go random. It’s worth it to try, after all. And no matter what you end up with, the game should be fun.”

SWO’s character creation was one of the things that had received a lot of discussion. In addition to a large number of races to choose from, players would also be given the option of randomizing their
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