The World Trade Center, Flight 93 And The Conspiracies Surrounding 9 / 11 Essay

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The World Trade Center, Flight 93 and The Conspiracies Surrounding 9/11

Dana Weiss
World Civilization II/CH 400
Jeffrey Surovell
November 22, 2016

History has been defined time and time again by powerful people or groups shaping the social narrative of influential events. Made most famous by Winston Churchill, the notion of history being written by victors pays no more relevant context than the events surrounding the morning of September 11th, 2001. There is no doubting the historical significance of this morning, “The horrifying atrocities of September 11 are something quite new in world affairs… this is the first time since the War of 1812 that the national territory has been under attack, or even threatened,” (Chomsky, 11). As with any major event in human history there have been a handful of explanations, most notably from the American government itself, and yet since the moment the first plane collided into the World Trade Center as many questions as answers have arisen from the rubble. This paper will explore a variety of conspiracy theories that have surfaced due to contradictory scientific evidence and government influence regarding the World Trade Center buildings and Flight 93.
First, we will examine the meaning of a conspiracy theory itself. According to Beáta Sáfrány, a conspiracy is defined as an agreement… to do something criminal or illegal with a ‘theory’ based in, “the belief that an event or phenomenon occurs

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