The World War II ( Wwii )

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Germany as a country has had significant growth in accomplishment and durability since the destructive repercussions that resulted from the German involvement in World War II (WWII). After the war, the German economy crumbled, the nation was divided and the government was defeated soundly. Now, German economy is the 4th best worldwide, the government is thriving, and the formerly divided country is now unified. Yet even with all of these momentous achievements, the shadow of WWII still remains. Contemporary Germany has grown in stability and prosperity since World War II largely due to the German Pflichtbewuβtsein (sense of duty), and yet this stability and prosperity has been hindered by the current refugee crisis, particularly due to the remnant of the German role in WWII. The German Pflichtbewuβtsein has played a hey role in uniting German as a community. This sense of duty is heavily dependent on community and the group. The sense of duty has helped the German economy and government. It has done this in the implementation of the Solidarity tax, as well as other aspects of reunification. The Solidarity tax was created in 1991 in order to pay for investments in the former German Democratic Republic. The tax went to pay for infrastructure such as phone lines and the autobahn. In fact, a Sebastian, a German student, remarked that the further east one drives in Germany, the nicer the autobahn becomes. The Solidarity tax is an excellent example of the German sense of duty

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