The World 's Biggest Online Marketplace

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“Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision” (Shore, 2014). Innovation is the process of translating an idea such as invention, information, practice, product, service, technology to create knowledge and valued to customers (Skarzynski and Gilbson, 2008). In today’ world, leaders, organizations, and countries are adopting innovation culture by demanding every member of the team to be creative to protect the organization success. Leaders from all over the world, have proven innovation changes the way of doing business by understanding the past and present generates a brighter future. For instance, Jack Ma was born in China; he is a self-made billionaire because he is the founder and the CEO of Alibaba; which is the world’s biggest online marketplace (Polk, 2015). Moreover, Carlos Slim was born in Mexico City; he is the richest man alive because he has dominated the industry of telecommunication known as Telmex (Mehta, n.d). Furthermore, Thierry Hermes born in Germany is the creator of Hermes; which is the leading finest brand for fashion in Europe (NMA, 2015). The element of each organization’s culture is supported through invention, capitalize intrapreneurship, process, and systems, and fostering innovation architect. Alibaba, Telmex, and Hermes are one of the most innovated companies generating billions of dollars each year.
Organization’s Culture The element of each organization’s culture is supported through
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